Video Resources

Emergency! Finding Your Nonprofit’s Role in a Crisis.

Video highlights from the January 2019 conference “Emergency! Finding Your Nonprofit’s Role in a Crisis.” Hosted by West Central Initiative, this program brought together three professionals with first-hand experience in disaster recovery situations, to share their unique perspectives. The audience gleaned a lot of information from these presentations, and we hope you find these helpful, too.

An introduction to Disaster in West Central Minnesota.

Patrick Waletzko, Safety and Emergency Services Director for Otter Tail County, introduces some of the most likely types of disasters to happen in this region, discusses the steps that happen when disaster strikes, and explains the role of emergency managers.

Long Term Recovery

Helping communities recover from disaster is not a short-term proposition. Nancy Beers, Director of Midwest Early Recovery Fund, shares real life stories of the unique challenges and responsibilities that nonprofits have to face in times of crisis. Nancy gives some examples of the unimaginable, and some rock-solid tips to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem when coping with an emergency and its aftermath.

Disaster: A Nonprofit’s Case History

It’s hard to help communities in crisis when your organization is in crisis, too. Thomas Hill recounts his agency’s first-hand experience when the Red River flooded, shares many lessons learned during the ordeal, and discusses steps taken to be more prepared for the next time.

Finding Your Nonprofit’s Role in a Crisis: Q&A

Conference speakers field some good questions from the audience.

Conference Wrap-Up

A short recap of the presentations and a reminder of some helpful resources from Greg Wagner, who worked hard to organize this program.