Training Resources

FEMA – Continuity of Operations Awareness

This course introduces students to the concept of continuity planning.  The course provides a brief overview of continuity, including its definition, the legal basis for continuity planning, the Continuity Program Management Cycle, and essential elements of a viable continuity program.

FEMA – Introduction to Continuity of Operations

This course is to be completed after taking the IS-546.a - Continuity of Operations Awareness Course. The IS 547.a course describes the Continuity Management Cycle and how it should be used to develop sound continuity of operations plans.

Info-Tech Research Group – Develop a Business Continuity Plan

This workshop enables you to identify business processes and dependencies, as well as interim processes; define an appropriate (desired) recovery timeline based on business impact analysis; and create a step-by-step incident response plan to minimize business disruption.

Non-Profit Risk Management Center – Business Continuity Planning

This online course is designed to help you and your organization develop, implement, and test a workable plan to prevent the interruption of mission-critical services, even in the event of a major business interruption.

Business QLD Gov – Business Continuity Planning

Watch this webinar to learn how to identify potential crises which may affect your business; how to assess and evaluate the impact of those crises and disaster events; how to identify business continuity strategies; and how to develop a business continuity plan for your business.