Resolve To Make A Business Continuity Plan In 2017

How about now?

Use the resources on this site to start the planning process.

Use the resources on this site to start the planning process.

We are almost a month into 2017, and if you are like me, your perseverance for keeping your resolutions for the New Year has either started to falter or has completely fizzled.  No matter how important our resolutions, the busyness of the everyday often causes us to lose sight of those peripheral “should do’s.” The same can be true for businesses. They focus on those daily needs to keep the business profitable and people employed. But if businesses don’t have a continuity plan in case of disaster or unforeseen incidences, all of their hard-earned work could—in some cases, literally—go up in smoke. 

West Central Initiative created as a resource to help move the need for Business Continuity Planning off of that “should do” pile, with helpful tools to assist  in preparing your business for the unthinkable.  

One of WCI’s objectives is to help create and retain businesses in the region. One way to meet this goal is to make sure businesses stay open, even in the face of something potentially catastrophic.


The first step is to recognize that disasters do happen, even here in west central Minnesota.  The second is to put a plan in place and take the necessary steps to adequately prepare your business. has been designed as a tool for owners and managers to start preparing your business and employees for that unthinkable event, which we all hope won’t happen.  The resources that have been shared on this site allow you to choose how in-depth you want to go.  

Along with the resources, we share some stories of businesses in this region that underwent tragedy and fortunately were able to reopen. What’s missing are the stories of the businesses that weren’t able to recover and had to permanently close their doors.  There have been those right here in our region too.   The ones we talked to weren’t willing to share their story—it was still too painful and emotional.  Of the stories we tell, all of them believe that having a plan in place would have made the recovery process much easier.  While having a plan won’t guarantee all will be well—and no doubt  recovery will still be hard work—having a plan will greatly increase your chances of successfully staying open for business.