When Bad Things Happen, What Will You Do?

A good business continuity plan gives you the best chance to stay a viable business, even when the worst happens.


Disaster Recovery Plans, Business Continuity Plans - whatever you want to call them, they are important.  

Every business should have a continuity plan.

A disaster doesn’t have to be a large scale event, like a flood or tornado that affects the entire community. It can be something as simple as a burst water pipe, or a naturally occurring event like a lightning strike. It might be a chemical tanker truck that overturns, preventing you and your employees from getting to your business facility. If a flood doesn’t put your business under water, customers and suppliers still may not be able to get to you. Power outages, brown-outs, or surges can dramatically affect your daily business operations. Many disasters, like wind storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes can strike quickly and with little or no warning. Twenty-five percent of all businesses that close their doors due to a disaster never reopen. 

Use this website to motivate, to get started, to refine and improve a disaster recovery plan for your organization.

Watch the survival story videos to hear from real-life business owners and managers who endured catastrophic events. Learn from their experiences, and use the planning resources on this site to help your organization be proactive. Start developing a plan. You will find suggestions, how-to guides and planning templates from FEMA, SBA, and other emergency planning resources, suitable for small to large entities. 

Remember: whatever the future has in store, we want you to be able to stay open for business.